From its origins to the present day

R 79 is a leader in the design and manufacturing of semi-finished products that has been operating for over 40 years in the fashion sector.

The company was founded in Fermo in 1979, where it initially produced mignons and leather uppers. Over time, the passion and flair of the designer and founder Roberto Francavilla, also supported by his sons joining the family business, leads to the creation of new products and constantly evolving manufacturing processes .

The high quality of the products has its roots in the tradition of local craftsmanship, with an eye always focused on the future through the constant research for innovative processing techniques, new materials, yarns, recycled  and sustainable fabrics, always ensuring the utmost respect for the environment.

R79 has established itself on national territory and abroad as an expression of the true quality and taste of Made in Italy, in the production of leather and leather-like components, always carrying out several  prestigious and time-honoured partnerships with many of the most important brands worldwide.

In addition to a highly qualified internal personnel, R79 relies on a network of craft companies, mainly located in the Marche region, whose cooperation is essential for some of the processing phases.

It is the skilled local hands and expertise that gives character to each product making it unique and authentic.

Our archives

The long history of R79 has favored the development of a vast archive being enriched year after year and from which the style offices are used to source both for the research of the latest creations and for the reinterpretation of our classics.

Innovative materials

By experimenting new materials to be weaved, we are able to imagine new application possibilities and create semi-finished products with innovative characteristics.

Unique combinations

The combinations of natural and synthetic materials, semi-finished plastic products and vegetable derivatives are just a few examples of what is possible to use to create the ideal product for our customers. Marrying different materials generates new fabrics with unique characteristics.